About us

       This is how we started and where we are now

    Our origins go back to the 1930’s, but it was disbanded
     during the war in 1939.
     In 1955 it was revived, and it has flourished ever since.
     Since 1955 we have put on over 200 productions.
    Shipston Drama Group have covered a wide range of
     works,    School for Scandal, Habeas Corpus,
      The Prime of Miss  Jean   Brodie,
     Allo Allo, Metamorphosis, Hobson’s Choice, Dad’s Army,
     not to mention the annual pantomimes and childrens
      We have welcomed some new members over the last
    few years, and we are always ready to expand our group.
    If you have an interest in Drama, or Music theatre, or
     would like to take part in any of our productions both
    on the stage or behind the scenes, please get in touch.
    There are many other important jobs other than acting,
    Shipston Drama Group need people who can help with                  costumes, props, scenery, and backstage preparation.
     Out in the Auditorium we need help with front of house,
      running the bar, as well as lighting and sound.
     If you have an interest in any of these please contact
      Sue Jeffries on 01608.662174